Centre of Didactics for Text and Information Literacy

What we do

Text and information literacy are key skills to guarantee a successful education and to actively participate in our current information society. These skills are a basis for all subjects, school types and ages of learners especially in times of the rise of modern technologies and a soaring number of students with a multilingual background.
At our centre text and information literacy are regarded in connection to other disciplines on the basis of new research results. This interdisciplinary and inclusive approach at the University College of Teacher Education should be integrated in the formation and further training of teachers aiming at sustainability and a direct effect on teaching methods.
We view ourselves as a cooperative and open development project whose objective it is to enable the implementation of concrete projects with a broad participation of internal and external partners on a national as well as an international level.

What we offer

• Research and development
• Formation and further training of teachers
• Participation in national and international projects
• Topical networking and practical application of synergies
• Development of teaching material and service offers
• Development and running of labs e.g. writing lab